Why You Should Make a Fast Careful Decision

Update: At the end, I cancelled my plan to buy a drone because I couldn't justify a huge expense that I will rarely use and also huge risk of crashing it to a drain.

Here I go again with my weak commitment in life. I think I just had most non-productive weekdays (in personal life) I have had recently. I almost read no books, didn't attend any Coursera course, drop off my plan to join toastmaster contest, didn't learn any new stuffs.

Some first days of the weekdays were spent by continuously browsing researching quadcopter. Very much energy was absorbed by that activity. At first, I was considering a lot whether to buy it or not. After I decided vaguely that I want to buy it, I spent another bunch of energies in deciding which type should I buy. There are choices start from the cheapest to the latest type. Finally I decided, again vaguely to get the medium type. Another decision need to be made, whether I buy brand new or used. Another decision to be taken care of, where to buy it, from the official website, the cheapest provider but it will take sometime to ship or buy from local dealer that offers more expensive price. Since I am going to Australia next week and the main reason I want to buy this gadget is because of the travel and opt out source of purchase that needs long shipment time. I took to long time in taking those decisions so that now it seems not visible to buy brand new from the official online store. Everyday from Monday I browsed frantically to find cheapest local dealer and some people that nice enough that will slam their second hand selling price of the drone. On this weekend I only realise I consumed abundant energy of vague decision.

Lesson learn from this exhaustion is, you should take decision fast but still careful at the same time. I was taking time more than necessary because I still looking a lot of justifications for the expensive purchase and to avoid to blame myself if at the end the purchase will be an impulsive buying. Yes it might be impulsive buying, if I consider that I should drop the intention to buy it at the first place. But if I really want to it, I should dare enough to deal with the risks. Risk of I will regret after I made the purchase, risk if that is a dangerous toy that can fall from the sky and risk if at the end I under-utilise it. I didn't the drop of the intention to buy but I didn't dare to buy it again and I wasted energy along the way.

So at the end, next time you need to decide something, don't take time more than necessary just because you want to save some money with the careful decision. Time and energy spent in that decision process have value more than money.