About Me

I am Jon. I live in Singapore since 2011. I have been working as programmer in some differerent companies in the past few years.

I got married when I was 25 with a charming lovely girl that somehow is a really perfect match of me in every aspect of human characters.

My personal interest: book, computer, music (I listen trance most of the time), movie, cross country driving and riding (I owned a red 2011 CBR 250), traveling, traveling and traveling. Yeah I like traveling so much although haven't traveled a lot.


Current activity: coding for food, blogging and dreaming.

What I want to be: lecturer, scientist, entrepreneur and good writer.

My professional detail can be seen at linkedin. I also blog in Indonesian Language. I and my wife also blog about our travel.

Content tagged with tag journal is my personal but not private journal. It is ok to read but might be not interesting to people other than myself.