The X Effect

Human like to check the checkbox. We might be just like to accomplish something. The accomplishment is very well represented by that act of checking. It is no wonder there are so many to do list app in mobile apps store. Not long ago as well, somebody made todomvc to show case javascript mvc framework in the context of todo list application. Because we human and included javascript developer in it, likes checking the box.

In follow up my yesterday journal about the search for more productive life, I also ended up in this interesting subredit. If todo list is just about doing the item in the list. The X Effect is taking it into more high level, which is by trying to do something consistently in 7 weeks.

According to many popular psychology books, 7 weeks is the threshold to program a habit into human life. If one does something (or doesn't do something) continuously in that duration, he will get used to that and will be easy to maintain the habit in the longer time. 7 weeks are the time needed to flash the habit into human mind.

7 weeks

Feel attracted with the concept, I want to see it in action by trying something simple. I want to do 10 pushups everyday for this 7 upcoming weeks. Why pushups, it is very simple and short. If the routine is too intimidated, I can easily give up and the idea of maintaining habit at the first place will be fail. Pushups also has some physical benefit, it is a form an exercise. Only when I can make this routine work, I will try to have others X Effect routines. Maybe running 1Km per day, writing a novel for 15 minutes per day, code an IOS apps for 15 minutes per day.