Beat The Monkey

This post will be short because I just want to restart again trying to be consistent of writing something and to beat the instant gratification monkey.

Yesterday was boring Sunday. As some other weekends before I intended to do something grande during the weekend. I want to finish the whole course Scala class. I want to finish one simple hello world apps for Android. I want to start writing for my travel blog. But then none of them happen.

During the day I just move like iron around the home try to be busy instead of a simple act of sitting in the front of laptop and open coursera website. Suddenly before opening the laptop I want to tidying of my bookshelf and reorganize the book order. After finishing that, before have a chance to open my laptop, found out I have to do laundry. After putting the clothes in the washing machine, I thought I will feel fresher to have bath first before starting coursera course or reading some tutorial on Android apps. After finishing the bath, the washing machine beeped, ahh I have to hang the laundry. After that, ah day prayer time. After prayer time, I am hungry and I need to make a sandwich. Then, I feel sleepy, so I should take a nap, I should be fresher after that. I woke up after the nap and it is already late afternoon, I think let me just watch Korean drama. Then Sunday was running out.

So what was the problem? Maybe because I put excessive expectation from what I am trying to do. I was hoping I can be an expert by just watching coursera video. But it is often I got lost after some lectures because the class is getting more difficult. Had I managed expectation properly I might don't have to procrastinate too much. Another issue is I also don't set the proper timing for the thing that I plan to do. Maybe start from today, I will set explicit timing, when I should attend the coursera course, when I should write journal, when I should read a book and when I should allocate time for my wife. The eagerness to try to tackle my procrastination problem is inspired by this very nice post. From there the instant gratification monkey was coming from.

That's it for today. I will write the next post tomorrow, otherwise I will do 20 times pushups.