The Last 11 Years

This is the story of the last 11 years. Of two people which now becomes four. Neither they are an angel nor a devil. Just human beings who continuously learn to be a better version of themselves. This is the story of me and her. This is a story to remember.

In year 0, a promise was made. For the two people to be together. As God has said: And We created pairs of all things so perhaps you would be mindful.

November 2011

Still year 0, but a bit later. Once, I said to her “I like to go to places. To see mountains and beaches. To ride a motorbike or to drive a car. To sit in an airplane or to be a boat passenger. Previously, I go everywhere alone. From now on, do you want to go to places with me? I really want to see the world”

She answered with a smile. An implicit reply of a yes.

Malang - 24 January 2012

Year 1 . She went to study in a faraway country. She likes to send presents even when she is away. Not like the ignorant me. In year 1, the flower and the cake accompany me, celebrating our first anniversary. She was in Germany. I was in Singapore here.

Singapore - 19 November 2012

Year 1 continues. From time to time, we would meet. We still liked to go to places. Maybe just crossing to another island from Singapore. To find good foods to eat or just to see the city. After short meet we will be away again until another couple of months gap.

Batam - 14 September 2013

The year 2 anniversary was coming. We were still not in the same place. She wrote me another beautiful note and a present.

Singapore - 19 November 2013

Yes, she is also the greatest thing that happened in my life.

Year 2 continues. It was hard to be away. We then made a plan. As she finished her degree, I told her. "Let's see the world now. Let's go to the country we haven't gone to before. Let's see the city we haven't seen before."

Off we go.  We went to Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin, Riga, Prague, Budapest, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris.

Paris - 26 February 2014

It was year 3. We were together again. No more long-distance calls. No more annoyance due to different time zones. We were building our life in Lion city.

19 November 2014 - Singapore

Year 4. "Let's see down under". I asked her. "Let's drive from Sydney to Melbourne, then go to Great Ocean Road, and then back to Sydney again via Canberra. Let's drive the biggest car we can get. Let's sleep and camp in the car. Let's stop in many good places."

"Sure, let's go." She said. An explicit reply of a yes.

19 November 2015 - Sydney

Year 5. She likes to eat sushi. Sometimes we will cross to the north of the country and stay for one night in a good hotel. We shop, we eat and we go back down to Singapore.

Johor - 19 November 2016

Year 5 continues. She asked, "We have been only two for these years. Let's go on a pilgrimage journey."

I said, "Yes we definitely should go and pray for even more asks. Let's ask The All-Mighty for all of our wishes. Pray for forgiveness for all of our mistakes. Pray for beautiful and righteous children. Pray for good wealth that brings peace. Pray for sharp minds and warm hearts for us. Pray for a long healthy life. Pray to be a good person with a good life."

Mecca - 21 December 2016

Year 5 was a long year. Not long after the pilgrimage journey, she was expecting. Unfortunately, the baby was never born. We were still just two. It was a sad year.

I asked her, "Let's go on a camping trip to a side of a lake. It's gonna be expensive but perhaps it can cover sad memories with some sweet memories."

Lake Pukaki - 10 May 2017

Year 5 was a long year, but eventually, it seemed to turn into something good. Another baby was coming. "Will we become three after this?" I was wondering.

Singapore - 30 September 2017

Year 6 plus. Yes, we became three. It was a girl. We named her A.

Singapore - January 2018

Year 7. We still continue to go to places. We like to eat different foods and go to different cities.

Singapore - 19 November 2018

Year 8. "Let's go to the down under again with the little girl." I asked. No need for any reply. Both the girls agreed.

Somewhere near Brisbane - 19 November 2019

Year 9. It was a strange year. It was a year when many people are locked in their houses. Many unfortunate souls were taken on during these times. Families separated away in different countries and cities.

We and our family were more than grateful to be spared. We hope so much the pandemi will finally be really ended. No more face need to be masked or excessive hand sanitizer to be applied.

Singapore - 19 November 2020

It is still year 9 of us being together. We waited 6 years to get the little girl. We were not putting too much hope in another little soul. But he was coming at the beginning of October. We now became four. We named the boy R.

Singapore - October 2021

It is a decade together. 10 years. Like a blink of an eye.

Singapore - 19 November 2021

Year 10 is also the year we finally got our own shelter. Somewhere we really can call home. The place to raise our two little souls. The place where warm memories collected and infinite dreams materialized. A part of the wealth that we hope can bring peace to our hearts and minds.

Singapore - 10 July 2022

Finally, year 11 is here. It was just like yesterday when the two rings were ordered from the shop and a vow was declared.

From one becomes two. From two becomes three. From three then now we are four.

Melaka - 21 August 2022

The last 11 years was beautiful. I wish the next many years to come will be even more beautiful.

Happy 11 years anniversary to the person I feel is closest to me, more than anyone.

Brussels, 18 November 2022.