Video Game

I am a casual game player. Like any other kids, I was so obsessed to have a video game console like my friends. My first console was Nintendo 8 bit. Actually it is made in China and not the original Nintendo from Japan. But it can run Nintendo cassette anyway.

Growing up a bit, I remember on my high school I got a PlayStation 1. That was the later generation of PlayStation 1. The initial generation of PS is big and bulky. Mine was very compact. Of course we still need to have that funny game CD. Please take a note, it is CD and not DVD. So that for larger game, there will be a series of CDs. Like some Final Fantasy series, there are up to 5 CDs needed for the game.

When I growth up, I bought an XBOX 360. The main reason was, I want to use the kinect, it is the camera sensor that can detect player movement and use the movement as control input for the game. I was planning to use kinect for my exercise activity. But it never really materialised.

The latest console generation is XBOX one and PS4. But somehow I don't have too much interest to buy any of that. Maybe because smartphone penetration is already so much strong. Few years a go, in early day of smartphone, there were so few game available in the application store. Now, there are gigantic choice that need to be taken, and most of them free to play.

In the early day of smartphone, my favorite game was Angry Bird family. The unlucky high potential franchise that unfortunately lost the moment. I played farmville for a while. But the longest game I have played consistently is Clash of Clan. Somehow, they have designed mechanic that can make the player to keep playing the game. The same company then release Clash of Royale a realtime battle card strategy game. I didn't like it at the first time, because the mechanic is really unique and for the real-time feature, it needs good internet connection, otherwise your experience in playing it will be horrible because you lose the interaction with the gameplay when you are in bad connection and give a great advantage to our enemy we battle with. I would say Clash Royale has taken my main interest in gaming recently.

Few months a go, Pokemon is also got released in smartphone, with a really unique gameplay that might be not so many other game ever had it. It is location base service pokemon hunting game, where you really to move around to catch pokemon and battle with other. Although it got really positive response from people, but I am saying that the game mechanic becomes boring at the end that will reduce user engagement. At the initial time, because the hype, many people love to play it. But I am taking myself as a sample case, I am getting boring quite quickly, maybe because I haven't roamed too much solely to search some more rare pokemon.

So that's it a morning note about game experience in my life.