So the idea was for me to try to wake up earlier every morning and do personal development session as described in Miracle Morning book that is embodied in SAVERS principle. Today is my third attempt to try to wake earlier and I fail again. The alarm buzzed on 5AM. I woke up to turn off the alarm and sleep again.

With this experience I became to believe more about the power of mind. The main reason I still couldn't commit to wake up early as I planned was because my inner mind hasn't put any commitment into it.

Looking back into the past, when I was still staying in Jakarta, during my university time and early days of working, I need to commute for 2 hours plus everyday to reach my campus or office. If I have early morning lecture or the days I was working, I need to start as early as 5AM so that I can reach on time. I have been doing that almost without fail during those years. Why? Because I put definite commitment into it.

More recent example, last weekend I was asking a friend to place tennis in his condo. We got a slot Saturday 7AM-9AM. Very early day on weekend. Even when I wake up early on weekend, usually I will sleep again after doing morning prayer. But that day, although I slept late on the previous night, I woke up 5.30AM and went from home on 6.15AM to my friend place without sleeping again.

Putting this try to wake early experience on a bigger picture, I learn that we can do and to be anything if we put our mind into it. However many people just enjoy to be mediocre because the path into non-ordinary is steep. More than that, this world doesn't have enough resources for all human to be extra successful. Out of 100% human being, by nature maybe 99% will satisfy to be mediocre and only 1% that can be extra ordinary in their life aspects, whether it is financial success, achievements and anything.

To reach that 1% group is a long way to go. The simple train that can any person do, include me, from now is try to wake up earlier and do personal development session with yourself. So that day by day, even if it is very slight, you will have some improvement in any aspect for your life.