The One Thing

Now I am reading Garry Keller's The One Thing. I am hoping this is the way for me to boost my future success. I have spent my life to much in vagueness and uncertainty. I have been stuck in greedy goal settings and bloated to do list.

Initial lesson learn from beginning part of the book is, many people have to do list while actually people should have the success list. To do list can contains mundane and useless things. In such way to do list helps us to procrastinate because in bloated to do list human will try to do what he loves although it might me not something really matters. At the other side, the success list contains things that really matters. I would say the success list is a groomed to do list. In descripting this Keller also mention about Pareto principle. Not all things matter equally. The success people is the person that always try to do something really matter. That's why such people will success while the rest of us just ordinary. I am still reading the book and haven't concluded the material yet. I might write something again after finishing it.

At the other part of my routine, I am trying to be consistent in following my Coursera course. One of my long life dream is to go for a postgraduate degree. But seeing my shallow commitment for even an online course, I doubt myself I can stand more than a semester if I go back again to university. I failed a lot in online course because I was too greedy. I signed up in too many classes hence at the end I overwhelmed. Maybe this is a good part of my life that should do The One Thing.

Anyway, I am starting Scala course again. I have taken the course last time but I didn't fully get all the concept yet. Further more, the cousera scala courses has been updated recently. Likely it is now a good time to focus and improve my skill on this.

Last update, I am on the second or third day strike of Miracle Morning. I woke up early although sometime a bit sleepy. Have tried to spare sometime of silence in the pray as the kickoff of the day. Have tried to do affirmation and visualisation of I want to be. I had 2 days run streak although those were less than 3 KM. I wrote quite consistent in this blog for the past few days. It seems I improved my reading quality too. I will try to put my commitment to maintain the activity. From some books that I read, starting a habit is a big challenge in the beginning. By once the habit start to be part of you, usually in 30 days or in some other literature around 60 days, the habit will be automatic.