The Art of Visualisation

2016 olympics just ended. At this year, that was the first time when I really followed the progress of some games on it and saw the medals collected by countries participated there. Although, I have never interested or been good in any sport. I always excited to play table soccer though, if it counts at sport. Anyway, from the event I learn the important of visualisation in achieving goals.

Sport competition is an activity where human will push his physical boundary in attempt of to be the best among other. Although it seems put emphasise in body, but mind and soul also couldn't be ignored. Body, mind and soul are interconnected.

I have read in some articles and books, about how mind and soul affect body. Body will only can do something mind and soul trust it to do. In simple term, body can only do what our mind thought. If you mind think and your soul believe you can do something, then it will happen. But if you are in doubt and no self confidence what so ever, the body also will doubt by itself.

That's why, beside extreme and continuous practice, athlete also do visualisation a lot. Visualisation is try to see something as how you want something to happen before something happens. Practice is to make your body adjusts with the activity. Visualisation is to make your body trusts what your body capable of doing and winning.

Actually I have some difficulty to explain how mind, soul and body work together in achieving something. But in short, after practice and then followed by believe that is followed by strong visualisation, you will be able to do anything. It will be possible to reach something when at least you can believe in yourself.