Super Late Personal OKR for 2018

The past one year is a really horrible year. I am performing horribly and I achieve minimally. This post is one of the indication. If one would like to set goal annually, he should set it by the beginning of the year. I am defeated by the power of procrastination. But still with the spirit better late than never, I am writing another resolution note again this year. There is a slight modification though, start from this year I want to use OKR approach, instead of mouthful and too fine grain resolution approach.

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Last Year Review

Like usual let's start with what I wanted  to do by last year. [Y] means achieved, [N] means not achieved.

  • [N] Completing at least 6 2 MOOC courses: I don't do any course at all. I signed many of them but almost don't finish any week for any course at all
  • [N] Take a GRE PTE test: I don't do any test
  • [N] Launch Work consistently on Travelogee project: There is no new post in Travelogee for the past one year.
  • [Y] Raise a happy, healthy and smart kid. At least focus play with the kid minimum 30 minutes a day on weekday and 1 hour on weekend: Alula is 15 months old now. She is growing up very well. Although I am not tracking in detail, but I can say that I am quite on track in this goal. I play with her definetely more than 30 minutes a day and in some weekend I spent time almost whole day with her. Hurray!
  • [N] Reach Tech Lead position in the new work place: there are some career ups and downs with some sweet and bitter lessons. But at the end I am back with normal coding.
  • [N] Weight no more than 65 60 Kg: I don't dare to weight myself but It was more than 70 Kg last time.
  • [Y] Read minimum a book per 2 months and make a review on it: I have been trying to fix my reading habit by really consciously absorbing the information when reading by taking notes and review the book. I have read at least 8 books for the past 5 months. It is clearly above the goal I set.
  • [N] Write a book about Golang: Nothing happen on this yet.
  • [N] Speak in a country level technical conference: Even I don't speak anywhere at all.
  • [N] Long duration travel to uncommon destination country such as Central Asia: no major travel for the past 2 years.
  • [Y] Get Singapore Class 2 Motorbike license: Yes I am Class 2 license holder now!
  • [N] Touring using big motorbike for at least to distance like from Sydney to Melbourne: Maybe next time.
  • [N} Speak English fluently to the level of IELTS 8 band score: I haven't taken any IELTS test yet and my English seems stagnant because I don't speak so much.
  • [N] Resume to study German to basic communication level or more: I even didn't start anything.
  • [N] Finish marathon sub 4 hours: I am couch potato which hasn't been running at all for the past 15 months
  • [N] Exercise every day: no
  • [N] Do SAVERS every day: no!

Ok let's set objective for this year. I wouldn't re-explain what OKR is. For anyone who are not familiar to it, can read Measure What Matters by John Doerr. Usually OKR is set quarterly or at most half yearly. But I will set objective for 1 year (technically 7 months from now, because now is already May).

I have divided my life into 6 aspects to help me in setting objectives and todos. This is an somehow abrupt experimental classification which might change in future. What I am going to do is to set at least one objective in each that life aspect with at least one key result in each objective.

  • Soul: To make it easy, for me soul is about being religious, mindfulness, something that make you calm, something non material.
  • Relationship: Family, friends and other social circles.
  • Mind: About learning and how to optimise your brain.
  • Wealth: Financial, materialistic possession.
  • Fitness: Health, exercise and diet.
  • Impact: How I can contribute, writing books, speaking in conference, be an influencer.

(Soul) Be more religious, mindful and calm individual

  • Memorise at least 5 additional surah in Juz 30 of Quran by the end of year
  • Read 1 new hadith per week
  • At least have one mindful praying without too much mind wandering per day. To follow on this key result, I am devising a praying score metric. For each prayer, I will score my prayer from 0-5. 0 means total mind wandering where even I can forgot in which rakaat I am at. 5 means total mindfulness where I am in the flow without any mind wandering at all.
  • Write daily journal, at least one paragraph per day
  • Write a grateful note every night before sleep

(Relationship) Be closer to family, care more and spend time more with them and increase social circle

  • Call mom at least once a month
  • Spend specifically dedicated non-distracted time for wife at least 15 minutes a day
  • Play with Lulu at least 30 minutes a day in weekday and 2 hours in weekend

(Mind) Learning a specific thing deeply and focus

  • Finish one Coursera cloud computing course
  • Do 1 German Duolingo session per day
  • Read 2 books per month

(Wealth) Increase financial literacy and portfolio

  • Get average return of investment for 6% by the end of the year
  • Read 5 financial/FIRE movement's books

(Fitness) Be more healthy and fit

  • Do push up 5 times per day
  • Run at least 15 minutes per week
  • Drink not more than 300ml sweet drink per day

(Impact) Screw impostor syndrome, let me share to the world

  • Speak in at least local meetup by the end of the year
  • Write a book draft about Kotlin by the end of the year by writing at least one page per week
  • Contribute 1 pull request to any open source project

Then that's all. I will try to review this at least monthly and add comments or notes as required.