Riding on The Rain

It rained in the morning. When I wait for a bus to go to office, a motorbike rider passed using a rain coat suite, while his hands and feet stille exposed to the wet. Suddenly I missed my riding days long time ago

When I was in Jakarta, I ride everyday and everywhere. Public transport was still not reliable and I couldn't afford car. Riding on the rain left very strong memory even until now. At such time, I always full with my thought. From a simple thing such as I wished I could afford a car so that I don't get wet in such weather, to think about work or sometime just be present at the moment and feel the stream of raind drops hitting my face like a thousands dull needles.

Fast forward some years to today, I missed that moment. I almost never ride anymore. Singapore has too convenience public transport to my standard. I can just sit on the bus or on the train. The bus stop is exactly below my block. The company bus pickup point is just outside MRT station. The bus drop me directly in the office building. Library, shopping mall or park all within bus stop or MRT station range. I can read on the transport or I can just sleep when I wish. I don’t have to struggle driving in the middle of traffic jam and I don’t need to ride on the rain again.

Although I don’t need to ride again but the urge to go out for some bike touring is still there. I am not interested to ride in Singapore or even if I can go to Malaysia. Although the roads quality are good but there is very few scenic road. I want to avoid to ride in Indonesia as well because many non good roads and the traffic can be too dangerous. I am wishing to be able to ride in Australia, mainland Europe, UK or Iceland. Actually I should be able to go just anytime as long as I want to spend money for the flight ticket and renting the bike itself. Unfortunately renting a proper bike might be more expensive than renting an ok car. However want to try it sometime in near future.