Reading with Purpose

I like reading since long time ago. However only until recently I learn more effective way of reading. Previously I read a lot but I got less from what I read.

There several books that I use in improving the method I talked about. First set, How We Learn by Benedict Carey and Make it Stick by Peter Brown et al. These two books not about reading in specific but more about learning in general. Since reading is also part of learning the content that book so that we can recall the information we learn/read from that when we need it. However since the time I read those two books I haven't really know too much about Reading with Purpose, honestly I retain very few important facts about the book.

Now, I am re-reading Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson. Again, this book also not specific about reading but more about skill mastery. But reading is also subset of it. I am thinking to write a summary of the book for the spirit of Reading with Purpose, so that I will be able to retain major concept I learn from the book.

There is a book that really specific about reading book, How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler. I have tried to read it, but I dropped it off because it was not interesting. However, in many source on the internet, people said this book is classic and must read for whom want to take maximum advantage from book reading.

There is one other short kindle book about reading. I forgot the title, but it is written but Vietnamese american. The book is light and more about summary of reading technique and experience. Not a really masterpiece but quite good short read to motivate in more reading.

I think those are all resources I can remember about reading skills to be able to Read with Purpose. I am still learning in progress and aiming to read more effectively so that I can really progressing by my reading activities.