Non-Productive Weekend

Today I absent from attending my miracle morning session again. Last night as often, I couldn't sleep, hence I sleep again after woke up on 6AM al the way to 9 AM. I have done some house chores though, while my wife was going out for teaching.

I am still reading Getting Things Done of David Allen. But as usual, it is often when I read a book, I lost focus when I reach the middle progress. When I started, I have tried to read and absorb the content carefully. But when I reach middle, I started to got bored and sometime skimming the content without really capturing what I have read. At the end, there is often I drop off from reading or decide to re-read again sometime later. That is really unproductive way of reading.

Anyway, my brain feel stiff today and I don't have anything else to say for now. That's it for today.