Never Eat Alone

I bought the book sometime ago, but as usual it laid in the cabinet dusted and untouched. From many personal development books that I read, connecting with people, especially influential people is paramount. We can learn from their experience and wisdom. However, it seems that I am quite lazy in cultivating this activity and skill.

I am growing up as a bit anti social person. Not really an introvert but I always try to avoid excessive social interaction. In school, I have a friend that is well known by other student in the school. Although he didn't stay in my neighbourhood, all of my neighbour know this guy. He was one of example a social guru that I knew. But anyway, I am not really saying that I didn't have friend during my school time. Surprisingly although quite anti social, I was well known among my friends as well.

Getting in touch with people, especially with someone we didn't know before and above of that if the person is influential, is challenging. As a human we are always afraid of people judging us inaccurately. More than that I am quite a shy person. I am afraid in my attempt in making a connection with a person, I run out topic to talk about. Actually, this can be tackled by start doing it. About afraid of being judged, I am thinking that wise person will never do that to other person that tried to connect with him, especially if the person who try to reach him is sincerely want to learn the wisdom from him.

Anyway, I don't think I will do any tangible action toward this in very near future. But I fully realise the importance if this topic. So, I will so whether I would be able to have a lunch or dinner with an influential person soon.