Moving Away From Blogger

After 6 years blogging in blogger, I decided to try ghost. Honestly I write really rarely, I don't know if with this move, I could re-trigger the enthusiasm to write more properly and consistently. Hopefully it could work that way.

Why should move? The main reason is after years with blogger, their CMS system still look really ugly. Even after trying to adjust using not so many available themes and tweak the page setup, it kinda difficult to create a beautiful blog with blogger.

Initially the main reason I started to blog there at the first place was aiming a get rich way through adsense. It never really took off because I don't have any contents. However, when last time I checked, I found out that I have about $10 balance on my adsense. Goodbye adsense for now, let me try to find another get rich quick scheme.

Talking about the beautiful page again, ghost took my interest since the first time it launched on kickstarter. The typography of their default theme is already awesome and writing post using their editor is really seamless because we can see the preview instantly. We format the page using the markdown, might need sometime to get use but somehow it is really effective. I couldn't give further comment to much at this stage because I need more exposure to appreciate ghost good feature and find work around for bad feature.

Unfortunately their goodness has a price. To use their hosting service we need to pay monthly fee that is not too cheap in my opinion. The cheapest subscription that they have costs $8 per month. Little too much for fellow that is still finding motivation to write consistently like me. So the only other option I have is to host the blog engine by myself. I already have intention since long time a go but my laziness defeated it. Thankfully today the good intention find the glory at the moment I want to write a simple post containing code markup which is not work well in blogger. Hello blogger, now is 2016, how come you still don't have feature to allow publisher writing code markup in their post?

Anyway, actually the setup will be not difficult. Just make sure you have your own server or virtual machine. I am using a tiny ubuntu droplet on digitalocean and I already have a domain that is not used often. Since the root domain points to my home page, I need a subdomain that will link to this blog. Little bit googling and tweaking the nginx configuration, finally I can make the blog up and running. Just hoping this blog will not got really famous suddenly because I don't thing my tiny droplet can stand again surge requests, LoL.