Journal D-1

Update: Previously I planned to have different blog installation that consists my journal. But at the end I am thinking to simplify my life and I will just put everything here.

I was planning to start my miracle morning today as stated in my previous journal. But the miracle didn't come. I was too excited last night, therefore I couldn't sleep. I don't know why it is often my brain is too much active before bed time.

I have been stuck in this sleep problem for a while. Actually I hate it so much when you have an extreme difficulty to sleep at night and have an extreme difficulty to wake up on the next day. Before going to bed, suddenly I was trying to think almost every problems existed in the world. The remedy usually to get out from the bed room and red books few pages. Sometime it works but sometime it doesn't. When it works usually I can sleep on around 1AM. On my unlucky day my eyes will be wide open up to 5AM in the morning and after that I will sleepy like a dying.

Anyway my plan for miracle morning will be postponed to next morning. Hopefully my brain will cooperate with me tonight. I have said many times about miracle morning. It is a concept introduced by Hal Elrod in his book with title, obviously, Miracle Morning. By altering the way you start the day, you can reach anything you want to be. Of course the writer offers a method which might be has been proven by himself. But for that method to work on somebody else like me, I have to put a strong commitment to execute the method properly.

That's all for today, let see what will happen tomorrow morning.