Java Must Have Book for Beginner

This post is pasted from my previous blog written 4 January 2008.
I am delving in learn Java programming language in this last 2 or three year previous. My interest in Java, perhaps is caused by my previous programming language I learn before, C language. We all know, although there is so much difference between them, Java inherit many fundamental syntax from C and C++.
Java is easy. Many people say that. Maybe it is true if we compare to the complicated C++. But, more than that, Java is not merely programming language. Java now is a complete huge framework that consist programming language itself, Application Programming Interface (API, a.k.a library that is in enormous amount), Java Virtual Machine which run byte code over operating system, etc. It seem clear now, learn Java demand our great focus and intention. Because it is not as easy as we imagine.
Thanks for Java’s book writer around the world and complete Java documentation and tutorial from Sun, there are always path for whom want to learn. Spare time for reading good stuff and continuous practice make Java acquaintance is really possible.
From many Java’s book around, I found several that is must have. First thing to read in learning this language is Java Tutorial
The first book that I recommend is written by Deitel. Really complete book with enjoyable colored text that good enough against boring in reading. The books consist all of fundamental material to mid advance material such as basic of thread, GUI and servlet. Enormous code sample is spread around the book that can be tried for learning and doing approach. The next book is Advanced Java How to Program
Although Java How to Program is enough for learning about syntax and the characteristic of Java API, there is no more explanation about build real software. I found two book that accomplish those necessity. by Jacquie Barker from Apress and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Actually there are so many other book in Java Development theme. Some from them are easy to read while the other is little bit heavy. I hope four recommendation for Java Application Development Book will useful to you. Yup it is Java. And it is really phenomenon.