Getting Things Done

Today journal will be quite short. This week I am trying to focus in doing stuffs. Like reading, instead of jumping around many books, I tried to focus with one or two but really spent sometime to really dive in into those fews.

One of book that is in this week reading list is Getting Things Done by David Allen. I have tried to read this book before but I failed. However in this retry, I finally be able to hook up. I was failed because I don't see the book relevance with I want to achieve. However now I have found the missing link. Hence I was be able to hookup because the content is relevant and I need to know it for my life to be better.

In life you can collect thousands ideas. But ideas are nothing if it is not executed or is not get done. This is how relevancy of the book with people live like I have said. I don't have thousands ideas, but sometime I got quite many things I wanna do and I realise I often got stuck in execution because I am overwhelmed with the ideas and I couldn't focus on try to bring any of it to move forward.

I am still in progress of reading the book. I am trying to read slowly so that I can absorb the writer idea. Previously, I often read a book without getting any new knowledge because I didn't read deliberately and I am trying to fix that. In Getting Things Done there is main concept that is called five steps of Mastering Workflow. They are as follow:

  • Capturing
  • Clarifying
  • Organizing
  • Reflecting
  • Engaging

I might be go through to those workflow items again after completed the book. But, that's it for today.