Fixing Skype Aborted Problem

Since several last weeks the Skype in my working station won't start. I think this problem relate to Ubuntu Linux, operating system that I've used. Every  time I try to start it just appear for several second then disappear. When I start from command prompt it can be seen Skype logs "Aborted" word after it started then crash.

Previously I have tried several approach to fix the problem. Very basic is restarting the Ubuntu. Still not fix the problem. Then I reinstall the Skype. Also no sign of problem already cleared. Then I try to purge and remove all configurations. No changes.

Then after that my Skype always offline in office. This morning suddenly my colleague insisted me to start my Skype because there are something important to discuss. Even though still lazy I force myself to find remedy. I thought to reinstall again. But after short googling I found the perfect remedy.

Just open the console then type this command.

rm ~/.Skype/shared.xml

This will remove some configuration then after firing up Skype again, finally it can start normally.


Reference from here: