Finding The Secret of Taking Action

Since I restarted writing some posts again, I try to put stronger commitment to myself to get out from mediocre life. The life that just between weekdays and weekends, work on weekdays and being lazy on weekends. Increment week, repeat.

I am afraid by sticking with this mediocre life style I will have many regrets in my later life. One simple commitment that I wanted to start is just to write one post per day. Again the resurrection of blogging activity was triggered by Miracle Morning book. One of the important activity introduced in the book concept is just to write anything every day. I could do it quite consistent for about a week or two and then I missed a day, some more days, some weeks and a whole month. Indeed it is sometime hard to maintain commitment if you are not strong enough.

There is a funny statement that I read from one of startup book that I've read. It is not exact statement, but more or less it said, many people want to learn business by reading from a book, but regardless how many books you read about business, it is useless until you really start and taking action. Taking action is the key.

Contemplating myself with that statement I found only exact fact with myself. I often do over preparation to make sure that I can have a perfect start. Example, I want to learn Scala. Instead of learning by doing, by creating a prototype project, I took a path of expecting a perfect completion of 5 Coursera course, reading all books about Scala, make sure to study all ecosystems around Scala, like oh I need to read SBT in Action book even before starting Scala. Oh SBT is a build system, I also need to read book about Maven and Gradle, the other build system. At the end I have never started to learn Scala itself because I got too overwhelmed.

So start from today, I am going to find a secret of taking action to avoid myself from over-preparation and that at the end make me do a procrastination. The way I am going to find the secret will be started by searching some Quora questions and some articles in Hackernews. I will search some books on Amazon as well about the topic, try to get the books and read one or two books on this. That is me, at the end it is always difficult to take action, even though it sounds as simple as Nike said, Just Do It. Ok, I will start from tomorrow.