Animal Husbandry

One of my bucket list in life is to live a beautiful country and maintain an animal husbandry. In the morning I will go to take care the animal and in the afternoon will work remotely as a programmer. I The idea had appeared even before my last visit to Australia, one of good country to makes that dream happen. The idea likely reached me when I was having an interest to an animal called Alpaca. Then followed by that interest, having a countryside home with a large land with some goats, cows, buffalos and sheep roaming around the land looks interesting.

Of course although the general idea appears fun, there might be an effort to make the idea comes true. First to find a way how I can migrate to such country. Second, how to have sufficient capital to make the dream comes true.

Next week, if all is good, we are going to Australia again. After last visit we are falling in love a lot with the country. Driving in such big massive continent is a really pleasant experience. Especially when you live in small tiny red dot country as Singapore, where 1 hour train journey will bring you from one side of the country to the other end. Singapore is really a great place anyway. Even in such small size, there are a lot of green place and parks. But of course not in a scale that Australia or New Zealand (alternative country that I wish I can move to) have.

I always like the trip to nature. Beach, mountain and forest. Ok, I have to admit, I am afraid to some other part of nature as well, like some kind of wild animals. But having some experiences sleeping in the campervan in the middle of nowhere. where at night you can see a glorious view of night sky with million stars blipping as a priceless experience. I am wishing again to be able to stay in country that allows me to go for camping often. Hopefully by getting used to it, can adjust me to be more tolerant with some kind of wild animals that I feared of.

Anyway, this morning post is a bit random, I just want to make strike on my Miracle Morning routine by flowing the idea on my head in my every morning.